The East Neuk's Centre for TV & Computer Services

Computer Services

We provide services for home users, small and medium sized businesses in the East Neuk area.

Remote Assistance

Usually the best way to support you will be with a visit to your home or place of work. When this is not desired, or possible, we can connect to any computers you require on a one-off or contract basis to help with direct control on the Desktop or simply to copy files etc.

Please call or e-mail us to setup a session. You will be directed to install our remote agent software.

Hardware Diagnostics, Repair, Upgrade and Maintenance

Some computer problems can be caused by hardware faults. We can diagnose and provide parts to replace or repair your issues.

Perhaps you simply need an upgrade? We can check your systems and provide anything available to upgrade your computer. We specialise in speeding up computers with Solid State Disk drives - providing a vast speed increase for daily use.

Software Problems

Microsoft Office Professional 2016 Retail Key Card

Things not working the way they used to? Need help setting up new software? We solve configuration problems, deal with virus removal and cleanup of unwanted spyware and other malware. If you cannot access your e-mail or other accounts, we can help with password recovery or resetting.


Ubiquiti LiteBeam M5-23

Today, more and more devices are connected to the internet. We can help setting up anything, including tablets, phones, Blu Ray players, televisions, cameras and more. From installation of your broadband router, securing your wireless network, to file and printer sharing throughout the house.

We also design and install site-wide WiFi networks for businesses, as well as building-to-building and long range links to suit any bandwidth requirements. Alternative Internet connections, such as satellite, 3G and 4G to cover slow broadband areas can also be provided.

Computer Setup or Re-Installation

Apple iMac Retina

We can provide new and refurbished computers, direct to your home or business. In addition, the manufacturer setup can be completed, saving you the time and hassle. This will include making sure all the latest operating system and application updates are applied. If you are replacing an old computer we will be able to transfer all your personal files and install programs you previously purchased or downloaded.

Has your computer slowed down a lot? Do you keep seeing pop-ups and messages from software that seems to have installed itself? A re-install gives a completely clean slate and will speed up your computer, guaranteed. This can include a full backup and restore of your personal data, photos, music and previously installed applications.

We support all versions of Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS and Linux.

Backup & Data Recovery

Netgear ReadyNAS, opened

We can provide backup solutions and tuition so that you can use them to backup your valuable data. From simple external hard disks to RAID backed and network attached storage (NAS) for backing up multiple computers.

East Neuk Technology offer in-house data recovery, from accidentally deleted files to recovery from failed hard disks. Accidentally format your camera memory card before taking your holiday snaps off? We can recover those lost pictures.

Occasionally hardware problems prevent our data recovery methods from working - in these cases we use an internationally renowned data recovery lab.